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Research and development of Hybrid Layer Capacitor

The composite pulse capacitor battery named HPC is the core patent product of Shenzhen Longsing New Energy Technology Co., LTD. In 2010, Hong Kong longsing named Hybrid Layer Capacitor battery as the research and development object, and submitted to the Hong Kong government and nano and Advanced Materials Research and Development Institute Co., LTD. (NAMI), after years of technology, material research achievements. HPC has passed UL, IEC62133, UL62321, UN38.3 RoHs (10 items), MSDS, CNAS certification.Hybrid Layer Capacitor

Hybrid pulse capacitor is a blend of the lithium ion battery technology and super capacitor technology a new hybrid pulse capacitor, combined with high-energy disposable lithium and battery solution to the traditional Internet power many pain points, can adapt to all kinds of bad environment, and high reliability, used in extreme conditions to provide a safe, and reliable power supply security, can also be a certain degree of extended service life.

Hybrid layer capacitor the experimental test of the battery at -40℃ proves that HPC can exert large pulse current performance at extreme low temperature.

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