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Our Story

Shenzhen Longsing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, has been committed to the research, development and application of battery technology. The company has a primary battery (lithium sulfuryl chloride), secondary battery (lithium ion rechargeable battery) research and development, production capacity. In recent years, relying on the parent company in Hong Kong, the company has successfully developed the battery of Internet of Things, which can work stably in the temperature range of -40℃-+85℃, breaking through the technical bottleneck of lithium ion battery and lithium thionyl chloride battery, and has applied for more than 30 invention patents.

We will continue to innovate and develop new products to meet the needs of the future development of Internet of things technology. Such as intelligent transportation, container intelligent system, GPS positioning system, seabed positioning, logistics and transportation system.

Our Technical Team

HK R&D Center Hong Kong Science Park

It has an international and systematic R&D team, and carries out research cooperation on new materials and cutting-edge technologies with universities such as the University of Hong Kong and NAMI research institute in Hong Kong.

Longsing focuses on whole-system new energy solutions such as lithium-sulfuryl chloride batteries, lithium-manganese dioxide batteries, battery capacitors, small lithium-ion batteries and power batteries, providing strong support for the new energy era represented by the Internet of Things and new energy vehicles.

Our Factory

Picture of battery Factory
Picture of battery Factory
Picture of battery Factory
Picture of battery Factory